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23 Jun 2020

Deputy Hospital Director

Job Description

Hargeisa Group Hospital

Republic of Somaliland

Civil Service Commission


Vacancy Advertisements

Ref: CSC-RSP/0011/2020                                                                                                  

Job Description

Position Type: Deputy Hospital Director of Hargeisa group Hospital (HGH)

Vacant Positions (1 Position)

Grade Level: A

Salary Scale: Negotiable

Working Hours: 48 Hour per weak

Job Title: Deputy Hospital Director

Duration: Permanent (After three months’ probation period)

Employer: Hargeisa Group of Hospital

Duty Station: Hargeisa Office, Somaliland

Posting Period: 21 June 2020 to 28 June 2020

For Somaliland National Only


Hargeisa Group Hospital (HGH) is a public and national government owned hospital which was built in 1953. The HGH is the largest referral hospital in Somaliland which serves for all Somalilanders in the provision of tertiary medical services with specialty care. It is also a clinical teaching hospital for Somaliland universities.

The HGH is fully funded by the Government of Somaliland and solely off of money that is collected from taxpayers and thus, Somaliland Government is committed to improve its health care services ensuring standards and the satisfaction of its service users/clients.

Based on the above, the HGH and the Ministry of health development in collaboration SL Civil servant Commission initiated public hospitals management reforms and institutional changes on the importance of improving HGH health care/services in equity of access to appropriate clinical care and services for all residents/citizens.

Job Purpose

The Deputy Hospital Director is the functional Head of the Managers and job facilitator for the Hospital Director. He/she is responsible for the overall technical management and supervision in the capacity to planning, administrative, strategic clinical management, procurement, HR management, and Finance/Administration. The incumbent is a career senior civil servant appointed through a competitive process and is responsible for providing leadership and vision for achieving goals of the HGH. He/ She shall be responsible for providing technical and professional support to the Hospital Director.

Objectives of the Job

  • Provide effective leadership, enabling both management, clinical and administration personal and system to improve performance of its functions and achieve set results.
  • Coordinating the development and efficient implementation of technical management, Human Resource, Administration, Financial, Planning, Clinical Coordinator, and Procurement.
  • Supporting the Hospital Director in all aspects of Human Resource Management, Administration and Financial management, Planning, and Clinical Coordination procurement services.
  • Provide accurate and timely reporting on progress of implementation of Finance, Administration, HR, Procurement policies, strategies and programs.

 Duties and Responsibilities:

The functions of Deputy Hospital Director will be:

  • To assist Hospital Director in providing strong and robust leadership in Hargeisa Group of Hospitals and act strategically with resourcefulness and approachability on his/her behalf during his/her absence.
  • To assist Hospital Director in responsibility for strategic planning and implementation, fundraising events, round table technical meetings, overall management of HGH and budgetary oversight of all clinical and non-clinical services.
  • To facilitate in promoting, safeguarding the wellbeing and interest of all patients, employees and visitors.
  • To support in the Development, implementation and application of organizational policies and procedures for the facility or medical unit and the HGH at large.
  • To assist in the Supervise and evaluate work activities of medical, nursing, technical, clerical services, maintenance, non-medical and other personnel.
  • To assist hospital director in preparing monthly, quarterly and annual reports for HGH and laise with Ministry of health development in all strategic and national matters and issues.
  • To establish work schedules, and assignment for staff according to the work load, space and equipment availability.
  • Undertake daily monitoring practices and valuation of all HGH activities and assure that the service delivery is met the dire need for its clients.
  • To support in the development of work plans to inform management of the status and implementation of programs, services and quality initiatives.
  • To support in development of strategies and maintain awareness of advances in medicine computerized diagnostic and treatment equipment, data, for medical and non- medical staff.
  • To support in maintaining effective relationship between Hospital Director, governing bodies, medical staff and departmental Heads and coordinating interdepartmental functions.
  • To facilitate in management change in integrated health care delivery systems such as work restructuring, technological innovations, and shifts in the focus of care treatment and support.
  • To support in conducting and administering fiscal operation including accounting, planning budgets, authorize expenditure and coordinating financial system with liaising with Admin/finance department in the absence of Hospital Director.
  • To facilitate in planning, implementing and administering programs and services in Health care or medical facility including personnel administration, training coordination medical nursing and other staff.
  • To support and develop instructional materials and conduct in service and community based educational program where applicable.
  • Assist Hospital Director in local resources in mobilization of fund raising events in consultation with medical, business and community groups to discuss service problems, respond to community needs, enhance public relation, coordinate activities, plans and promote health programs.
  • To support in inspection of Hospital medical facilities and recommend medical, non- medical and recommend improvement modification to ensure emergency readiness and compliance to access, safety regulation.
  • To facilitate the monitoring use of diagnostic of medical and non-medical facilities, and staff to ensure effective utilization of resources and access the needs for additional staff, equipment, and services.
  • To support and develop strategies to expand and implement medical programs or health services that promotes research, rehabilitation and community Health.
  • To support and provide guidance and expert advice to management or other groups on technical, system or process related topics and functionality
  • To conduct overall assessment on the equipment’s, facilities in the Hospital to ensure availability of resource In Hargeisa Group of Hospital.
  • To support and develop assistance mechanisms and secure fund for changing of poor service users.
  • Other duties assigned by the hospital director.

Reporting Arrangements

The Deputy Hospital Director of Hargeisa Group Hospital will report to the Director General HGH.


The Deputy Hospital Director will be responsible for the production of the following deliverables:

  • Structural review and development, HR, Administration, Procurement policies and regulation for Hospital staff
  • Hospital management training models and manuals
  • Capacity building programs and reports
  • Quality assurance framework and accredited standards Manual
  • Monthly, quarterly and annual progress reports

Qualification and Experience:

  • A minimum of Master Degree Health Science, MBA, Public Administration and other related discipline from a recognized University or equivalent professional qualification.
  • Six years’ experience in Health care management/public administration, experience in Somaliland health care system, four (4) of which must have been at the hospital management in the public /Private.
  • Must be a member of Somaliland Medical Association and have NHPC License.

Competencies and Skills

  • Strong work ethics skills
  • Flexibility/adaptability skills
  • Initiative skills
  • Leadership and development
  • Problem-solving techniques
  • Blend of analytical, observational, organizational and networking skills
  • Strategic planning and benchmarking
  • Performance measurement
  • Team building and management
  • Monitoring and evaluation
  • ICT skills
  • Report writing
  • Excellent oral and written English and Somali languages
  • Gives objective advice based on sound analysis
  • Focuses on outcomes
  • Gives purpose and direction
  • Thinks strategically
  • Involves people in decision-making
  • Communicates effectively
  • Demonstrates commitment to organization/ corporate decisions
  • Displays an intelligent awareness of the political environment
  • Prepares plans with clear short and long term objectives
  • Functions effectively in a team of professionals

Documents Required:

  • Application Letter
  • Updated CV
  • Copies of certificates and other supporting documents, identification and references.
  • Recommendation Letter
  • National ID Card
  • Must be a member of Somaliland Medical Association and have NHPC License.

How to Apply

Interested candidates, who meet the above requirements, should submit their applications; (Cover letter, Updated CV, and Contacts for 3 Professional referees with their official contacts) via email to to the Recruitment Department of Civil Service Commission Somaliland with the subject of the email as “Application for Deputy Hospital Director, Deadline for application not later than Sunday, 28 June 2020. Please submit all documentation in one PDF File. Hard Copy Documents will not be received.

ONLY shortlisted candidates will be contacted for Test and interview.


Tixraac: CSC-RSP/005/2020

Xadaynta Shaqo

Nooca Shaqada: Ku xigeenka  Agaasimaha  Cusbitaalka Guud Hargeisa (HGH)

Shaqada ka Banaan: (1 shaqo)

Derejada : A

Mushahar : laga wada hadlikaro

Saacadaha Shaqada: 48 Todobaadkii

Heerka Shaqo: Kuxigeenka Agaasimaha Cusbitaalka

Mudada Shaqada: Joogto ( ka dib saddex bilood oo tijaabo ah)

Looshaqeeyaha: Cusbitaalka Guud Hargeisa

Goobta shaqo; Xaffiiska Hargaysa, Somaliland

Mudada Xayaysiiska: 21-28 June, 2020

Waxa  soo codsankara Muwaadiniinta Reer Somaliland Keliya


Cusbitaalka Guud ee Hargeysa (CGH) oo ah mid dawladeed kaas oo la dhisay 1953dii. Cusbitaalka Guud ee Hargeysa waa Cisbitaalka ugu balaadhan ee loo soo diro dhamaan bukaanada kaas oo u adeega dhamaan bulshada Soomaaliland si uu u bixiyo daryeel caafimaad oo tayo sare leh oo ay ku lamaan tahay takhasusaadyo daryeel caafimaad.

Cusbitaalku waxa kale oo uu yahay mid waxbarasho kaas oo dhamaan ardayda jaamacadaha dalka ee caafimaadka dhigtaa adeegsadaan si ay carbis iyo tababar dheeraad ah ugu sameeyaan.

CGH waxa maalgeliya oo maamula xukuumada JSL, iyadoo dhaqaalaha lagu socodsiiyaa yahay mid ka yimaada misaaniyada dawlada oo ah lacagta cashuur bixiyaayasha muwaadiniinta ah. Sababtaas awgeed, Xukuumada JSL waxaa ka go’an inay qaado talaabo kasta oo lagu tayaynayo daryeelka iyo adeega caafimaadka cusbitaalku bixiyo si loo xaqiijiyo in adeegaasi yahay mid u cuntamaya oo ka jawaaabaya baahida dadwaynaha guud ahaan.

Sababtaas kor ku sheegan awgeed, Maamulka CGH, Madaxda Wasaarada Horumarinta Caafimaadka iyo Hayada Shaqaalaha Dawladu waxay bilaabeen barnaamij dib loogu habaynayo hab-maamulka Cusbitaalada Dawlada iyo adeega ay bixiyaan taas oo looga jeedo ahmiyada ah in la tayeeyo korna loo qaado adeega caafimaad ee Cusbitaaladu bixiyaan si daryeelka caafimaad iyo daawayntu u noqdaan mid ay u siman yihiin bulshada iyo dadwaynaha JSL.

Ujeedada Guud ee Shaqada

Kuxigeenka Agaasimaha Cusbitaalku  waa madax maamulayaasha iyo Caawiyaha Agaasimaha Cusbitaalka.

wuxuu masuul kayahay maamulka hawlaha farsamo iyo kormeerka ee la xidhiidha aqoonta qorshaynta, maamulka, istaratijiyada maamulka caafimaadka, habka waxsoo iibsiga, maamulka shaqaalaha iyo maamulka iyo lacagta.

Qofka shaqadan hayaa waa inuu noqdo shaqaale xirfad aqooneed oo durugsan u leh hawlahan laguna soo xulay nidaamka tartar furan waxana looga baahanyahay inuu la yimaado qaab hogaamineed ku dhisan himilo si loo gaadho yoolka guud ee Cusbitaalka Guud Hargeysa.

Ujeedada Shaqada

  • Inuu layimaado Hogaamin hufan si kor loogu qaado waxqabadka, maamulka, dhakhaatiirta iyo nidaamka shaqo si loogaadho natiijooyinkii qorshaysnaa
  • Diyaarinta yo fulinta hawlaha farsamo, maamulka cududa shaqaalaha, xisaabaadka, qorshaynta, iyo xidhiidhka caafimaadka iyo waxsoo iibsiga oo ku dhisan shaqo wanaag
  • Inuu ka taageero Agaasimaha Cusbitaalka dhinackasta sida maamulka cududa shaqaalaha, xisaabaadka, qorshaynta, iyo xidhiidhka caafimaadka iyo waxsoo iibsiga
  • Diyaarinta warbixin saxa oo qatigeeda ku soo baxda ee waxqabadka iyo fulinta siyaasadaha, istaraatijidaha iyo barnaamijyada dhakhaatiirta wadanka iyo kuwa ajinebiguba

Waajibaadka iyo Masuuliyadaha

Shaqada kuxigeenka Agaasimaha Cusbitaalku waa:

  • Inuu/nay ka caawiyo/so Agaasimaha siduu ula iman lahaa hogaamin saxa isla markaasna kusii metelikaro aqoon ku dhisan habka istaraatijiyada hogaaminta Cusbitaalka Guud ee Hargeysa markuu Agaasimuhu maqanyahay.
  • Inuu/nay ka caawiyo/so Agaasimaha masuuliyada dejinta qorshaha istaraatijiyada, fulinta qorshayaasha, dhaqaale ururinta, shirarka farsamo, maamulka guud ee cusbitaalka iyo maamulka miisaaniyada ee hawlaha caafimaadk iyo kuwa kale ba.
  • Fududaynta dalacsiinta, ilaalinta bedqabka iyo maslaxada bukaanka, shaqaalaha iyo soo booqdayaashaba
  • Ka caawinta Agaasimaha guud diyaarinta, fulinta iyo isticmaalka siyaasadaha iyo habraacyada waaxyaha iyo Cusbitaalka guud ahaan.
  • Ka taageerida Agaasimaha hawlaha kormeerka iyo qiimaynta shaqada dhakhaatiirta, kalkaalisooyinka, farsamada, adeega caafimaadka, dayactirka iyo hawlaha kale ee aan caafimaadka ahaynba
  • Inuu/inay kataageero/to Agaasimaha Cusbitaalka diyaarinta warbixinaha billaha ah, Saddex Billoodlaha ah iyo kuwa sanadlaha ah ee Cusbitaalka Guud ee Hargeysa iyo isku xidhka wasaarada humarinta caafimaad ee dhinaca istaratijiyada iyo xaaladaha heerqaran.
  • Inuu/nay sameeyo/so jidwal shaqo iyo shaqo cayiman oo ay ku hawgalaan shaqaalaha marka loo eego culayska shaqo, helitaanka agabkii iyo goobihii shaqada
  • Inuu/inay dabagal iyo qiimayn shaqo oo joogto ah ku sameeyo/so hawlaha cusbitaalka guud si loo hubiyo in adeega custibaal ku daboolikaro baahida bukaanka.
  • Inuu/nay ka taageero/to Agaasimaha Diyaarinta qorshe hawleed maamulku kula socdaan heerka shaqo, fulinta barnaamijyada, adeegyada iyo tayada adeega.
  • Inuu /nay caawiyo/so Agaasimaha diyaarinta istaraatijiyada iyo horumarinta wacyigelinta caafimaadka ee laxidhiidha baadhitaanada casriga ah, qalabka daawaynta, xogta caafimaadka and tankaleba.
  • Hagaajinta xidhiidhka ka dhexeeya Agaasimaha Cusbitaalka, Maamulka, Hawl wadeenada caafimaadka iyo madax waaxeedyada iyo iskudubaridka wada shaqaynta waaxyaha
  • Fududaynta isbedel maamul oo ku yimaada isku xidhka nidaamka fulinta daryeelka caafimaadka, sida, dib uqaabaynta, hal abuurka tiknoolajiyada, iyo waxka bedelka habka daaweynta.
  • Inuu/ inay kacaawiyo/so Agaasimaha maamulida maaliyada sida xisaabaadka, qorshayna, miisaaniyada, awooda kharashbixinta iyo iskudubaridka nidaamka maaliyadeed iyo lashaqaynta waaxda maamulka iyo lacagta marka agaasimuhu maqanyahay.
  • Fududaynta qorshaynta, fulinta iyo maamulida barnaamijyada iyo adeegyada daryeelka caafimaadka sida maamulka cududa shaqaalaha, diyaarinta tababarada,shaqaalaha caafimaadka iyo kuwa kaleba.
  • Inuu/inay ka taageero/to Agaasimaha diyaarinta buuga iyo hagayaasha waxbarasho iyo fulinta tababaro shaqada dhexdeeda ah iyo barnaamijyo waxbarasho
  • Inuu/inay ka caawiyo/so Agaasimaha Cusbitaalka iskuduwida khayraadka maxaliga ah iyo hawlaha dhaqaale ururinta iyadoo lagala tashanayo bahda caafimaadka, ganacsatada, iyo ururada bulshada si looga wada hadlo dhibaatada dhinaca adeeg bixinta si looga jawaabo baahida bulshada, kor u qaadista xidhiidhka dadweynaha, iskudubaridka shaqada,, qorshayaasha iyo kor uqaadista barnaamijyada caafimaadka.
  • Inuu/inay ka taageero/to Agaasimaha kormeerka agabka iyo daawooyinka caafimaadka iyo waxyaalaha kaleba iyo soo jeedinta talobixinta u diyaargarawga xaaladaha degdega ah, uhogaansamida helitaanka adeega iyo xeerka bedqabka
  • Fududaynta dabagalka isticmaalka baadhitaanada caafimaad iyo agabka kale ee aan caafimaadka laxidhiidhin is loo hubiyo ka faa iidaysiga khayraadka lahayo, iyo helitaanka shaqaalaha, agabka iyo adeegyada dheeraad ka ah ee loobaahanyahay.
  • Inuu/inay ka taageero/to diyaarinta istaraatijiyada balaadhinta barnaamijyada adeega caafimaad si kor loogu qaado cilmi baadhista, kasoo kabashada iyo hagaajinta caafimaadka bulshada.
  • Inuu/inay ka taageero/to siinta talobixino khibrad ku salaysan ee dhinaca maamulka ama kooxaha kale ee farsamada iyo habka shaqo.
  • Wuxuu/ waxay masuulka yahay/tahay samaynta qiimaynta qalabka iyo adeegyada Cusbitaalku haysto
  • Inuu/inay ka taageero/to diyaarinta caawinta dhinaca farsamda iyo ilaalinta lacagta si waxlooga bedelo adeeg xumida
  • Iyo wixii shaqo kale ee ay kuu igmato cida kaa saraysaa

Habka diyaarinta warbixinta

Kuxigeenka Agaasimaha Cusbitaalku wuxuu warbixinta siinayaa Agaasimaha Cusbitaalka Guud ee Hargeysa



Kuxigeenka Agaasimaha Cusbitaalka Guud ee Hargeysa  wuxuu masuul kayahay/tahay gaadhista bartilmaameedyadan soo socda:

  • Dib u eegista qaabdhimeedka iyo diyaarinta xeerarka iyo siyaasadaha cududa shaqaalaha, maamulka, waxsoo iibsiga ee Cusbitaalka Guud ee Hargeysa
  • Diyaarinta noocyada tababarada
  • Buuga Tababarada isku dubaridka caafimaadka
  • Barnaamijyo aqoon korodhsi iyo warbixino
  • Qaabdhimeedka hubinta tayada iyadoo loo raacayo tilmaaha heerarka laysla aqoonsanayahay diyaarinta
  • Soo saarista warbixin Bille, Saddex Billood ah, iyo mid Sanadle ah

Aqoonta iyo Khibrada

  • Uguyaraan digriiga labaad (Master of Health Science) , MBA, ee fayadhowrka/ caafimaadka dadweynaha, iyo qaybaha kale ee laxidhiidha kana soo baxay jaamacad la aqoonsanyahay
  • lix sano oo khibrada oo afar sano (4) oo kamida ka soo shaqeeyey maamul cusbitaal mid gaar loo leeyahay ama mid dawladdeed.
  • Haystaa/haysataa shahaadada diiwaan gelinta Ururka Mihnadlayaasha Caafimaadka Qaranka
  • Leeyahay/ leedahay xirfada laxidhiidhka iyo isdhexgalka dad kuna shaqaynkaraa culays kastoo shaqo

Aqoonta iyo Xirfada

  • Qaabaynta qorshaha iyo xirfada istaraatijiyada
  • Xirfad shaqo oo durugsan
  • Xirfad laqabsiga shaqo
  • Hal abuur
  • Hogaamin iyo horumarin
  • Xirfada xalinta khilaafaadka
  • Xirfad waxku falanqaynta, kormeer iyo isku xidhka shaqada
  • Dejinta qorshe istaraatijiyadeed iyo cabiradiisii
  • Dejinta Halbeega waxqabadka
  • Dhisida iyo maamulida kooxaha shaqada
  • Dabagalka iyo qiimaynta
  • Xirfada ICT ga
  • Xirfada warbixin qoraalka
  • Xifiican una qorikaraa uguna hadli karaa luuqadaha Ingiriisiga iyo Somaaliga
  • Khibrad farsamo
  • Bixinkaraa talobixin waxku oola oo xog ku qotonta
  • Leh Hab feker istaraatijiyadeed
  • Go aamada ka qaybgeliyaa shaqaalaha
  • Xidhiidh wanaagsan lasamaynkaro shaqaalaha
  • Ka gonaansho umuujiyaa goobta shaqo
  • Soo bandhigaa awooda lasocodka dhaqdhaqaaqyada ka jira goobta shaqo
  • Diyaarinta qorshayaal leh ujeedooyin waqtigaaban iyo waqti fogba
  • Siwanaagsan ula jaan qaado dad aqoon sare leh

Dhukumantiyada looga baahan yahay

  • Warqada Codsiga
  • CV gii danbeeyey
  • Koobiga shahaadada iyo dhukumatinyada kale ee raacaya
  • Warqad cadaynta shaqo wanaag
  • Kaadhkii muwaadinka
  • Waa inuu xubinkayahay Ururka Mihnadlayaasha Caafimaadka Qaranka haystona liisankii ururka

Sida loo soo dalbayo kaalintan shaqo;

Qof kasta oo danaynaya inuu tartamo kaalintan shaqo oo leh aqoonta kor ku faahfaahsan, waxuu ku soo gudbinayaa/Dirayaa (Warqad codsi shaqo, CV oo dhamaystiran iyo 3 qof oo la xidhiidhi karo cinwaanadooda rasmiga ah isagoo u soo diraya emailkan: kuna socodsiinaya waaxda Shaqo xulista ee Hayada Shaqaalaha Dawlada JSL kuna soo calaamadinaya; Codsi shaqo: Agaasime ku-xigeenka guud ee Dhakhtarka. Waqtiga kama dambaysta ah ee la soo xaraynayo codsigu waa Axada, 28 June 2020, fadlan soo gudbi dhamaan dhokumentiyada lagu waydiiyay iyagoo ah habka PDF. Looma baahna in la keeno nuqul waraaqo ah oo gacanta laga dhiibo.

Dadka liiska gaaban ku soo baxa ayuunbaa lala soo xidhiidhayaa si ay u galaan imtixaan qoraal iyo mid waraysi ah (ONLY shortlisted candidates will be contacted for Test and interview).

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