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23 Jun 2020

Admin & Finance Manager

Job Description

Hargeisa Group Hospital

Republic of Somaliland

Civil Service Commission


Vacancy Advertisements

Ref: CSC-RSP/0012/2020                                                                                                  

Job Description

Position Type: Admin & Finance Manager at Hargeisa Group Hospital (HGH)

Vacant Positions (1 Position)

Grade Level: A

Salary Scale: Negotiable

Working Hours: 48 Hour per week

Job Title: Admin & Finance Manager

Duration: Permanent (After three months’ probation period)

Employer: Hargeisa Group of Hospital

Duty Station: Hargeisa Office, Somaliland

Posting Period: 21 June 2020 to 28 June 2020

For Somaliland National Only


Hargeisa Group Hospital (HGH) is a public and national government owned hospital which was built in 1953. The HGH is the largest referral hospital in Somaliland which serves for all Somali landers in the provision of tertiary medical services with specialty care. It is also a clinical teaching hospital for Somaliland Universities.

The HGH is fully funded by the Government of Somaliland and solely off of money that is collected from taxpayers and thus, Somaliland Government is committed to improve its health care services ensuring standards and the satisfaction of its service users/clients.

Based on the above, the HGH and the Ministry of health development in collaboration SL Civil servant Commission initiated public hospitals management reforms and institutional changes on the importance of improving HGH health care/services in equity of access to appropriate clinical care and services for all residents/citizens.

Job Purpose

  • The Administrator/Finance Manager is the functional Head of the dept. He/she is responsible for the overall technical, administrative, financial management, archives and ICT of the sections.
  • The incumbent is a career senior civil servant appointed through a competitive process and is responsible for providing leadership and vision for achieving goals of the sections.
  • He/ She shall be responsible for providing technical and professional support to the Hospital Director.

Objectives of the Job

  • Overall coordination, management and reporting on Administration, financial management, archives and ICT development.
  • Provide effective leadership, enabling the Dpt. to improve performance of its functions and achieve set results
  • Coordinating the development and implementation of Administration, and Finance.
  • Provide accurate and timely reporting on progress of implementation of Administration and Finance policies, strategies and programs.

 Duties and Responsibilities:

The Administration/Finance Manager will be responsible for:

  • In liaison with the Hospital Director determine the short, medium and long term strategy for financial management of the HGH along with the overall management and financial reporting procedures
  • To manage the financial accounting and reporting systems, taking into account the changing accounting and reporting needs of the HGH
  • To prepare and maintain yearly budgets and forecasts. To ensure that directors, managers have appropriate training to prepare budgets for their area of specific budget responsibility, and accept accountability for their maintenance.
  • Actively participate and assist Hospital Management team in designing strategies/polices with forecasting and the best utilization and management of resources both in-kind and cash.
  • To provide support to Hospital front desk by helping clients fill out admissions forms and providing visitors and families with information regarding Hospital facility services.
  • To organize Weekly, Monthly and annual employee’s meetings of Admin/Finance Dpt.
  • To monitor Administrative staff performance in Administration dept.
  • To prepare detailed monthly management accounts across all directors, Head of sections at Hargeisa Group Hospital.
  • To produce statutory accounts and any other reports required by the HGH, in close cooperation with Ministry of Health Development.
  • Ensures with His /Her approval of all payments and all financial transactions according to HGH and existing national financial management policy and procedures.
  • To ensure that HGH accounts and accounting systems are maintained in accordance with relevant accounting standards and compliant to the requirements of the HGH.
  • To develop detailed terms of reference for administrative and finance Dpt. as well as individual staff.
  • To conduct a capacity assessment of the current departments as well as the HGH to also provide requisite training to all staff on required administration and finance;
  • To coach and mentor key staff members up to a level of competency to be able to competently perform senior roles in the unit.
  • To develop and maintain corporate estate plans and ensuring cleanliness, sanitation and hygiene controls in HGH premises and environment.
  • To identify the ICT needs of Office of the HGH in consultation with other staff, communicating with users to formulate and produce a requirements specification to create system and software solutions.
  • To develop and manage a database covering overall business operations and activities of the assigned HGH.
  • To ensure that HGH systems are compatible with and other civil service IT applications.
  • To plan, organize, direct, control and coordinate the acquisition, development, maintenance and use of ICT systems.
  • Overseeing the general welfare and discipline of HGH staff in accordance with civil servant rules, regulations, security and policy in Hargeisa Group of Hospital.
  • To analyze information needs and specifying technology to meet those needs;
  • To formulate direct information and communication technology strategies, policies and plans;
  • To set priorities between system developments, maintenance and operations overseeing the security of ICT systems.
  • To preparing purchase orders, monitoring supply sources and negotiating contracts with suppliers.
  • Provide on the job training, coaching and mentoring for HGH to manage all ICT procedures.
  • Provide ICT advice and support to HGH management.
  • To ensure optimal database and system integrity, security, backup, reliability and performance.
  • To develop and review policies, systems, standards and guidelines for the management of public records.
  • To advise HGH management of electronic records.
  • To conduct regular audits on records management activities in all HGH Offices.
  • To ensure that records management officers in collaboration with ICT officers design and implement electronic records management systems.
  • To ensure that employees create and maintain complete and accurate records of their official transactions and activities.
  • To establish and maintain asset registers.
  • To develop a comprehensive record management program.
  • To plan for appropriate accommodation for records
  • To Carry out records survey and appraisal
  • To provide leadership in the capacity of Admin/Finance and accounting areas of HGH.
  • To maintain system of accounts and book keeping and records on all transactions and asset management.
  • To prepare and produce accurate monthly financial and management reports including income statements, balance sheet, budget, variance, projections and forecast.
  • To maintain control of flowing areas general ledger, accounts payable, expense reports, billing and payroll.
  • To assist the accountant and cashier and assign their responsibilities in relevant to income and payment procedures including accounts payable, accounts receivable, and benefits administration.
  • To ensure that all financial transactions are processed accurately in timely manner and in accordance with generally accepted accounts principles and procedures
  • To manage oversee, process as appropriate and act as backup for processing all of the following transactions, payroll, accounts payable, fix assets, cash, bank reconciliation and budget allocations.
  • To perform end month and closing procedures including overhead allocations, account reconciliation and updating schedules.
  • To assist accountants and cashier in issuing timely, accurate and complete financial transactions and statements at all levels including governing and management body of the HGH.
  • To develop capacity in production of cash flow reports, monthly financial reports, annual budget and forecast.
  • To calculate variances from the budget and report significant issues to Hospital Director.
  • To prepare his/her departmental team and assist with developing audit schedules for the annual auditing purposes.
  • To monitor inventory office supplies and purchasing new materials with attention of budgetary constrain.
  • To oversee facilities services, asset depreciations and its maintenance assuring efficiency.
  • To follow up, organize and supervise other psychical structures, facilities, transport and office activities (recycling, maintenance, renovations, repairing and events planning etc).
  • To develop relevant administrative manuals and ensure operations adhere  to policies and regulations of HGH.
  • To facilitate logistical means and processing visas for foreign doctors and their accommodation
  • To ensure safe, secure and well maintained facility that meet HGH environment health and security standards.
  • Other duties assigned by supervisor.

Reporting Arrangements

The Admin and Finance Manager of Hargeisa Group Hospital will directly report to the Director General of HGH.


The Finance Manager will be responsible for the production of the following deliverables:

  • Administration, Finance ,ICT and records management policies, procedures and systems
  • Performance report of Hargeisa Group Hospital budget.
  • Records management system with functional general, confidential and personnel records
  • Guidelines on staff discipline
  • Minutes of Hargeisa Group Hospitals staff and management meetings
  • Cleanliness and hygiene controls guidelines
  • DPT training plans
  • Reports on staff training
  • Annual work plans and budget of the department
  • Quarterly and annual progress reports of the department

Qualification and Experience:

  • A minimum of Bachelor of Business and Public Administration related discipline from a recognized University or equivalent professional qualification
  • A Master’s Degree in Business Administration will be an advantage
  • Seven years’ experience, four (4) of which must have been at the senior administrative and Finance level in the public service.

Competencies and Skills

  • Administration and Financial Management.
  • Change management.
  • Experience with database system and MS excel.
  • Solid understanding of health care procedures and regulations.
  • Excellent organizational and time management skills
  • Ability to supervise and train team members
  • Leadership and development
  • Problem-solving techniques
  • Blend of analytical, observational, organizational and networking skills
  • Strategic planning and benchmarking
  • Performance measurement
  • Team building and management
  • Monitoring and evaluation
  • ICT skills
  • Report writing
  • Excellent oral and written English and Somali languages
  • Gives objective advice based on sound analysis
  • Focuses on outcomes
  • Gives purpose and direction
  • Thinks strategically
  • Involves people in decision-making
  • Communicates effectively
  • Demonstrates commitment to organization/ corporate decisions
  • Displays an intelligent awareness of the political environment
  • Prepares plans with clear short and long term objectives
  • Functions effectively in a team of professionals

Documents Required:

  • Application Letter
  • Updated CV
  • Copies of certificates and other supporting documents, identification and references.
  • Recommendation Letter
  • National ID Card

How to Apply

Interested candidates, who meet the above requirements, should submit their applications; (Cover letter, Updated CV, and Contacts for 3 Professional referees with their official contacts) via email to to the Recruitment Department of Civil Service Commission Somaliland with the subject of the email as “Application for Admin & Finance Manager, Deadline for the application not later than Sunday, 28 June 2020, please submit all documentation in one PDF File. Hard Copy Documents will not be received.

ONLY shortlisted candidates will be contacted for Test and interview.


Republic of Somaliland

Civil Service Commission


Vacancy Advertisements

Ref: CSC-RSP/0012/2020                                                                                                  

Qeexis Shaqo

Nooca Shaqada: Maamulaha maamulka iyo Maaliyada ee Cusbitaalka Hargeysa

Kaalinta Shaqo: (1 Kaalin)

Darajada: A

Xadka Mushaharka: Laga wada hadlayaa

Saacadaha Shaqada: 48 Saacadood Todobaadkii

Xilka Shaqo: Maamulaha Maamulka iyo Maaliyada

Muddada: Joogto (ka dib Saddex Bilood oo Tijaabo ah)

Cida Shaqada loo rabo: Cusbitaalka Guud ee Hargeysa

Goobta Shaqada: Hargeysa, Somaliland

Muddada xayaysiiska: 21 June 2020 to 28 June 2020

Waxa keliya ee soo xaraysan kara muwaadiniinta Soomaaliland.


Cusbitaalka Guud ee Hargeysa (CGH) oo ah mid dawladeed kaas oo la dhisay 1953gii. Cusbitaalka Guud ee Hargeysa waa Cisbitaalka ugu balaadhan ee loo soo diro dhamaan bukaanada kaas oo u adeega dhamaan bulshada Soomaaliland si uu u bixiyo daryeel caafimaad oo tayo sare leh oo ay ku lamaan tahay takhasusaadyo daryeel caafimaad. Cusbitaalku waxa kale oo yahay mid waxbarasho kaas oo dhamaan ardayda jaamacadaha dalka ee caafimaadka dhigtaa adeegsadaan si ay carbis iyo tababar dheeraad ah ugu sameeyaan.

CGH waxa maalgeliya oo maamula xukuumada JSL, iyadoo dhaqaalaha lagu socodsiiyaa yahay mid ka yimaada misaaniyada dawlada oo ah lacagta cashuur bixiyaayasha muwaadiniinta ah. Sababtaas awgeed, Xukuumada JSL waxaa ka go’an inay qaado talaabo kasta oo lagu tayaynayo daryeelka iyo adeega caafimaadka cusbitaalku bixiyo si loo xaqiijiyo in adeegaasi yahay mid u cuntamaya oo ka jawaaabaya baahida dadwaynaha guud ahaan.

Sababtaas kor ku sheegan awgeed, Maamulka CHG, Madaxda Wasaarada Horumarinta Caafimaadka iyo Hayada Shaqaalaha Dawladu waxay bilaabeen barnaamij dib loogu habaynayo hab-maamulka Cusbitaalada Dawlada iyo adeega ay bixiyaan taas oo looga jeedo ahmiyada ah in la tayeeyo korna loo qaado adeega caafimaad ee Cusbitaaladu bixiyaan si daryeelka caafimaad iyo daawayntu u noqdaan mid ay u siman yihiin bulshada iyo dadwaynaha JSL.

Ujeedada Kaalinta Shaqo

  • Maamulaha maamulka iyo maaliyada waa madaxa waaxda. Isaga/Iyadu waxay ka masuul tahay farsamada guud ee maamulka, maaraynta maaliyada, nidaamka xafiisyada iyo xogta iyo isgaadhsiinta ee waaxda iyo guud ahaan Cusbitaalka Guud ee Hargeysa
  • Masuulayada xilkani waa mid ah inuu yahay shaqaale dawladeed oo lagu soo xulay hab tartan daahfuran ah, waxaanu masuul ka yahay inuu jihayn hogaamineed iyo hiraal la yimaado si loohu guulaysto ujeedooyinka laga leeyahay waaxdan
  • Isaga/Iyadu waxay masuul ka tahay bixinta taageero farsamo iyo mid aqooneed oo la isla garab taago Agaasimaha Cusbitaalka iyo guud ahaan maamulka guud.

Ujeedooyinka Kaalintan Shaqo

  • Isku-dubaridka iyo xidhiidhinta guud, Maareynta iyo warbixinta dhinaca maamulka, maaraynta maaliyadeed
  • Bixinta hogaamin togan oo tayo leh taas oo gayaysiisa waaxdani inay tayayso shaqada qaybaheeda iyo inay gaadho natiijooyin wax ku ool ah.
  • Isku-dubaridka huromarinta iyo fulinta hab-maamul iyo maaraynta maaliyada oo dhamaystiran
  • Bixinta warbixino mudaysan oo sugan oo la xidhiidha fulinta maamulka, siyaasadaha maaliyada, istraatiijiyadaha iyo barnaamijyada maamulka

 Xilalka iyo Masuuliyadaha laga rabo:

Maamulaha maamulka iyo maaliyadu waxa masuul ka noqonayaa:

  • Isagoo la tashanaya Agaasimaha Cusbitaalka inuu qorsheeyo istraatiijyadaha maamul iyo maaliyadeed ee xili dhow iyo mid fogba kuwaas oo ay la socoto warbixino dhamaystiran.
  • Inuu Maamulo hab-xisaabeedka maaliyadeed iyo nidaamka diyaarinta warbixinta, iyadoo maanka lagu hayo la jaanqaadka baahida isbadalka habka xisaabaadka iyo xog diyaarinta loo rabo Cusbitaalka Guud ee Hargeysa.
  • In la diyaariyo sidoo kalena la joogteeyo odoroska iyo samaynta miisaaniyad sanadle ah. In la xaqiijiyo in masuuliyiinta kala duwan ee cusbitaalku ay heleen tababaro ku haboon oo la xidhiidha diyaarinta miisaaniyada qaybtooda iyo masuuliyadaha u gaarka ah ee helista miisaaniyad iyo aqbalaada isla xisaabtan dhab ah oo la joogteeyo.
  • Si firfircoon uu muuqata uga qayb qaato kana caawiyo maamulka cusbitaalka samaynta iyo dejinta siyaasadaha la xidhiidha odoroska iyo sida fiican loo isticmaali karo loona maarayn karo deeqaha dhaqaale ee kala duwan (Mood iyo Nool)
  • Inuu bixiyo/bixiso taageero farsamo oo suurta gelisa in dadka macmiisha la ah Cusbitaalku ama u yimi in daryeel iyo daawayn la siiyo ay helaan nidaam fududaynaya habka buuxinta xogta hordhaca ah ee laga rabo bukaanka, soo booqdayaasha iyo qaraabadooda si ay u fahmaan adeega cusbitaalka bixiyo.
  • In la soo abaabulo kulamo todobaadle , bille iyo sanadle ah oo waaxda maamulka iyo maaliyadu yeelato.
  • In dabagal iyo qiimayn lagu sameeyo shaqada ay shaqaalahu ay qabtaan ee waaxda maamulka iyo maaliyada
  • In la diyaariyo xog bille ah oo dhamaystiran oo la xidhiidha isla xisaabtanka agaasime waaxeedyada, madaxda qaybaha iyo guud ahaan Cusbitaalka guud ee Hargeysa
  • In la soo saaro xisaab xidhka akoonada iyi warbixinaha kale ee Cusbitaalka Guud ee Hargeysa iyadoo iskaashi lala samaynayo wasaarada horumarinta Caafimaadka.
  • Hubiyo ogolaanshaha bixinta kharshiyaadka Cusbitaalka  iyadoo la raacayo habka maamulka maaliyada ee Cusbitaalka iyo nidaamka maalmulka iyo xisaabadka maaliyadeed ee heer qaran
  • In la hubiyo in dhamaan akoonada iyo xisaabaadka maaliyadeed ee Cusbitaalku yihiin kuwa badqaba iyadoo bixinta kharashka loo raacay hab-nidaameedka xisaabaadka ee la yaqaan iyo sugida in la raacay nidaamka xisbaadka ee Cusbitaalka.
  • In la dejiyo qeexitaano qoraal oo tixraac u ah Waaxda maamulka iyo maaliyada. Sidoo kale si la mida taas loo sameeyo dhamaan shaqaalaha cusbitaalku inay yeesheen qeexitaanadaas (terms of reference)
  • In la sameeyo qiimayn dhinaca tayada shaqada iyo maamulka guud ahaan si gaar ahna waaxda si loo dejiyo tababaro la siiyo shaqaalaha la xidhiidha maamulka iyo maaliyada.
  • In la koolkooliyo laguna gacan siiyo dhamaan shaqaalaha cubsitaalka sidii ay u gaadhi lahaayeen martabad shaqo wanaag oo muujinaysa hufnaan iyo karto shaqo oo waaxda ka muuqda.
  • In la horumariyo sidoo kalena la dejiyo qorshayaal horumarineed oo kor loogu qaadayo xaalada nadaafada bukaanka iyo mida deegaanka guud ee Cusbitaalka, dhismayaashiisa iyo bilicda deegaankiisa.
  • In la xaqiijiyo baahida loo qabo ICT ee guud ahaan xafiisyada Cusbitaalka guud ee Hargeysa iyadoo lala tashanayo shaqaalaha lana hubinayo xidhiidhka dadwaynaha taas oo lagu salaynayo dhismaha nidaam ICT  iyo hagaajinta/cilad saarka nidaamkaas.
  • In la horumariyo lana maareeyo kaydka xogta oo koobsanaya dhamaan dhaqdhaqaaqa shaqada cusbitaalka iyo hawlaha guud ee socda.
  • In la xaqiijiyo in adeega xog0isgaadhsiinta (IT) ee Cusbitaalka Hargeysa ay tahay mid u qalanta oo la jaanqaadaysa adeega guud ee shaqaalaha dawlada ee farsamada ICT.
  • In la qorsheeyo, la isku duba rido sidoo kalena la jiheeyo, la maamulo lana habeeyo horumarinta iyo joogtaynta shaqada farsamada ICT iyo nidaamkeeda ee Cubsitaalka guud ku shaqeeyo.
  • La korjoogteeyo nidaamka guud iyo dhaqanka shaqada shaqaalaha cusbitaalka ee la xidhiidha maamulka iyadoo loo raacayo nidaamka iyo hab-raacyada siyaasadeed ee Shaqaalaha Dawlada.
  • In la odoroso baahida loo qabo xogta iyo jaangoynta farsamada tiknoolajiyada  si loo hubiyo in baahida farsamadaas loo qabo laga jawaabay.
  • In la sameeyo istraatiijyado xog heliseed iyo xidhiidhka farsamada teknoolajiyada, siyaasada lagu hagayo farsamadaas iyo qorshayaal dhamays ah.
  • In la dejiyo nidaam horumarineed iyo daryeelka nidaamkaas oo la xidhiidha farsamada casriga ah ee ICT kaas oo amniga guud ee Cusbitaalka kor loogu qaadayo.
  • In la diyaariyo habka dalabka, qiimaynta alaabta iyo meelaha laga helo iyo wadaxaajood heshiis oo lagu maamulo heshiisyada waxgadasho/iibsiga.
  • In la bixiyo tababaro shaqada dhexdeeda ah, gacansiin iyo dhiirgelin shaqaalaha Cusbitaalka ee la xidhiidha isticmaalka nidaamka casriga ah ee ICT.
  • In la bixiyo talo iyo taageero la xidhiidha isticmaalka nidaamka ICT ee maamulka guud ee cusbitaalka
  • In La hubiyo iskuxidhnaan dhamaystiran oo ah kaydka xogta, qalabka amniga, qalabka kaydka
  • In la dejiyo dibu eegisna lagu sameeyo siyaasadaha, qorshayaasha iyo tixraacyada maamul iyo maaraynta xogta dadwaynaha imanaya cusbitaalka.
  • In lagala taliyo maamulka guud ee Cusbitaalka samaynta nidaam xogeed oo elektroonik ah
  • . In la sameeyo baadhis hantidhowr oo joogto ah taas oo lagu samaynayo xogta maamulka iyo shaqada guud ee cusbitaalka
  • In la dejiyo lana joogteeyo habaynta diiwaanka qalabka iyo guud ahaan agabka Cusbitaalka ( Hospital asset register)
  • In la dejiyo kayd xogeed oo maamulka iyo maaliyada ah oo dhamaystiran
  • In la dejiyo qorshayaal ku haboon oo la xidhiidha dadka soo galaya Cusbitaalka
  • In la qiimeeyo lagana diyaariyo xog la xidhiidha daraasaadka qiimaynta adeega guud
  • Inuu muujiyo hayinimo dhinaca hogaaminta ah oo la xidhiidha maamulka iyo maareynta maaliyada iyo xisaabaadka Cusbitaalka Hargeysa
  • Inuu diyaariyo nidaam iyo hab-xisbaadeed, dejinta kaydka xoogta maaliyadeed iyo hab dhaca kharashbixinta iyo maamulka agabka iyo hantida cusbitaalka
  • Inuu diyaariyo oo soo saaro warbixin maaliyadeed iyo maamul oo ay ka mid yihiin warbixinta dakhliga, xisaab xidhka, miisaaniyada, faraqa xisaabaadka, saadaalinta iyo mashruucaynta nidaamka maaliyadeed.
  • Inuu ka caawiyo xisaabiyaha iyo khasnajiga cusbitaalka shaqadooda iyo masuuliyadaha la xidhiidha dejinta nidaamka qabashada dakhliga iyo gelida kaharshka oo ay ugu mudan yihiin xisaabaadka la bixinayo iyo kuwa la helayo iyo faa’iidooyinka maamul
  • Inuu hubiyo in dhamaan hab-dhaca maaliyadeed si fiican loo maamulayo oo waqti xadidan taas oo la jaanqaadaysa nidaamka guud ee maaliyada iyo qaabka nidaamka maaliyada ee la isla yaqaan.
  • Inuu la socdo hab maamulka guud iyo qaababka ugu haboon sidoo kalena uu u taagnaado marjaca xogta ee dhamaan hab-dhaca xuisabaada maaliyadeed, nidaamka mushahar bixinta, xisaabaadka la bixinayo, maamulka hantida ma guurtada aha, is waafajinta xogta akoonada bangiga iyo qoondada miisaniyadeed.
  • Inuu dhaqangeliyo nidaamka dhamaadka bilaha ee xidhista iyo qoondada kharshiyaadka dulsocodka ah iyo la socodka is waafajinta warbixinaha akoonada bangiga iyo buuga kaashka iyadoo la raacayo oqrshe waqtiyaysan.
  • In laga caawiyo xisaabiyaha iyo khasnajiga dejinta waqtiyaysan, si saxa oo dhamaystiran loo bixiyo habdhaca maaliyadeed ee xad kasta ha ahaato guddida boardka ama maamulka guud ee cusbitaalka
  • In la dejiyo nidaamk awoodeed shaqo oo lagu soo saaro warbixinaha habdhaxa kaashka, warbixinaha maaliyadeed ee billaha ah iyo odoroska miisaniyadeed.
  • In la xisaabiyo faraqa ka yimi dhinaca miisaaniyada lana wadaago arrimaha muhiimka u ah shaqada agaasimaha cusbitaalka
  • In u diyaariyo shaqaalhiisa waaxda kana caawiyo inay dejiyaan qorshe diyaargarow oo hantidhowrka lagu samaynyo nidaamka xisaabaadka uu mudaysan.
  • Inuu qiimeeyo lana socdo qalabka iyi agabka looga baahan yahay xafiisyada iyo shaqada iyo soo iibsiga alaab cusub isagoo maanka ku haya duruufta xadidnaanta miisaaniyada.
  • Inuu la socdo qalabka guud ee adeega lagu bixiyo, qiima dhaca iyo duugowga qalabka iyo hagaajintiisa iyadoo looga jeedo xaqiijinta adeeg bixin sare oo tayo leh.
  • Inuu la socdo , qorsheeyo sidoo kalena kormeero dhamaan dhismayaasha , gaadiidka iyo shaqada xafiisyada ( dibu- isticmaalka, hagaajinta, casriyaynta, kicinta qalabka iyo gaadiidka iyo qorshaynta hawlaha Iwm)
  • Inuu dejiyo oo diyaariyo habraacyo maamul iyo xaqiijinta in shaqo kasta loo raacay siyaasadaha iyo shuruucda Cusbitaalka loo dejiyay.
  • Diyaarinta dejinta iyo guryaynta iyo sidoo kale u fududaynta helista dalku galka dhamaan dhakhaatiirta ajaanabka ah
  • In la xaqiijiyo badqabka, amniga iyo habaynta joogtada aha iyo hagaajinta qalabka si loo hubiyo in deegaamnka cusbitaalka yahay mud caafimaad qaba laga xaqiijiyay nidaamkiisa ilaalinta
  • Waxii kale ee shaqo iyo masuuliyad ah ee uu u xil saaro cida shaqada uga saraysaa.


Habka diyaarinta warbixinaha

Maamulaha maamulka iyo maaliyada ee Cusbitaalka Guud ee Hargeysa waxuu si toos ah warbixinaha u siinayaa agaasimaha guud ee Cusbitaalka Hargeysa

Hawlaha laga rabo:

Madaxa maamulka iyo maaliyada waxuu masuul ka yahay soo saarista hawlahan hoos ku qoran;

  • Hab-nidaam maamul, maaliyadeed , ICT, iyo siyaasadaha maamulka xogta iyo nidaamka loo marayo.
  • Warbixinta tayada maamulka miisaaniyada guud ee Csubitaalka Hargeysa
  • Nidaamka maamulka xogta ee shaqaalaha guud iy mushahaarooyinkooda
  • Hab-raac loo raaco dhaqanka shaqaaalaha iyo anshaxmarintooda
  • Warbixinaha kulamada maamulka guud ee Cusbitaalka Hargeysa
  • Nidaamk lagu ilaaliyo badqabka nadaafada iyo daryeelka guud ee nadaafada qofeed iyo mida deegaanka
  • DPT training plans
  • Warbixino la xidhiidha tababarka shaqaalaha
  • Qorshe shaqo oo sanadle ah iyo miisaaniyad ku sidkan.
  • Warbixin sadexbilood ah iyo mid sanadle ah oo waaxdiisa ah.

Aqoonta iyo waayo-aragnimada laga rabo:

  • Ugu yaraan waa inuu/inay sidataa shahaadada koowaad (A minimum of Bachelor of Business and Public Administration) ee maaraynta ganacsiga iyo maaraynta maamulka dadwaynaha ama aqoon la xidhiidha oo uu ka soo qaatay jaamac la aqoonsan yahay ama cadaymo xifad aqooneed la xidhiidha oo uu sito
  • Shahaadada Heerka 2aad ee maamulka iyo maaraynta ganacsiga way ka sii fiican tahay hadii/haday sidato.
  • Waayo aragnimo 4 sannadood ah oo uu ahaa masuul maamul sare ama madax maaliyadeed ka soo qabtay xafiisyada maamulka guud.

Xirfadaha kale ee muhiimka u ah xilkan

  • ( Maamul iyo maaraynta maaliyada)
  • Maaraynta isbadalka
  • Waayo aragnimo iyo aqoon la xidhiidha nidaamka kaydinta xogta iyo isticmaalka kombutarka MS xcel
  • Faham wanaagsan ka hayso nidaamka daryeelka caafimaadka guud ahaan
  • Xirfad iyo aqoon fiican u leeyahay/leedahay nidaamka hayadaha iyo maareynta waqtiga
  • Awood u leeyahay/leedahay kormeerka iyo tababarka shaqaalaha
  • Tayo hogaamineed iyo mid hormarineed
  • Farsamooyinka xalinta khilaafaadka
  • Aqoon daraasadeed, u kuurgal iyo nidaamka isku xidhka
  • Dejinta qorshe istraatiijyadeed iyo dhamaystir aqoon korodhsi
  • Qiimaynta halqabadka
  • Sida loo dhiso koox shaqo iyo maamulkooda
  • Qiimaynta shaqada iyo dabagalkooda
  • Aqoon u leh xirfada ICT
  • Habka loo diyaariyo warbixinaha
  • Ku fiican ku hadalka iyo qoraalka luqadaha somali iyo ingiriisida
  • Bixin kara talo dhaxalgal ah oo ku sal leh qiimayn laga fekeray
  • Diirada saaraya maxsuulka fog ee la rabo
  • Bixiya ujeedo cad iyo jihayn sax ah
  • Si fog u fekeraya
  • Dadka kale u ogol inay go’aan qaadan karaan

Habka xog gudbintiisu tahay mid si fudud loo fahmi karo

  • Demonstrates commitment to organization/ corporate decisions
  • Displays an intelligent awareness of the political environment
  • Diyaariya qorshayaal leh ujeedo dhow iyo mid fog

Dhukmantiyada laga rabo:

  • Warqad codsi shaqo
  • CV dhamaystiran
  • Nuqul ah shahaadooyinkiisa iyo waxii kale ee uu haysto cadaymo, aqoonsiyo iyo qoraalo tixraac u ah aqoontiisa
  • Qoraal talo soo jeedin ah (Recommendation letters)
  • Kaadhka dhalashada (National ID Card)

Sida loo soo dalbayo kaalintan shaqo;

Qof kasta oo danaynaya inuu tartamo kaalintan shaqo o oleh aqoonta kor ku faahfaahsan, waxuu ku soo gudbinayaa/Dirayaa (Warqad codsi shaqo, CV oo dhamaystiran iyo 3 qof oo la xidhiidhi karo cinwaanadooda rasmiga ah isagoo u soo diraya  emailkan: kuna socodsiinaya waaxda Shaqo xulista ee Hayada Shaqaalaha Dawlada JSL kuna soo calaamadinaya; Codsi shaqo: Maamulaha maamulka iyo Maaliyada, Waqtiga kama dambaysta ah ee la soo xaraynayo codsigu waa maalinta Axadda 28 June 2020, fadlan soo gudbi dhamaan dhokumentiyada lagu waydiiyay iyagoo ah habka PDF. Looma baahna in la keeno nuqul waraaqo ah oo gacanta laga dhiibo.

Dadka liiska gaaban ku soo baxa ayuunbaa lala soo xidhiidhayaa si ay u galaan imtixaan qoraal iyo mid waraysi ah (ONLY shortlisted candidates will be contacted for Test and interview).

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